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World of Warcraft's Class Tuning On September 13

World of Warcraft's Class Tuning On September 13

Posted time: Sep 11,2017

More class changes of World of Warcraft are on the way next week.


Here is a preview of some specifications changes that are coming next reset. The main source of the inequality that Blizz are trying to fix is the Netherlight Crucible, which provides different boosts for different specifications to the related artifacts, so there will be some overall buff compensation for certain specifications. And the affected classes are DK, DH, Druids, Hunters, Monks, Rogues, and Shamans.

Blizzard plans to implement the following damage increases to account for the Netherlight Crucible:

Death Knight – Frost +4%
Demon Hunter – Havoc +3%
Druid – Feral +2%
Hunter – Beast Mastery +6%
Hunter – Survival +5%
Monk – Windwalker +9%
Rogue – Assassination +5%
Rogue – Outlaw +6%
Rogue – Subtlety +1.5%
Shaman – Enhancement +3%

So that means a good buff for these classes Artifact weapon since next week the Netherlight Crucible finally unlocks and will be utilized. This bonus has a different effect on certain specifications, because not all of the specifications' abilities scale the same with the DPS of their equipped weapon. Many people on the forums are not satisfied with the Melee buffs, mainly casters so that is to be expected.

If you are still confused about how the Netherlight Crucible works (as many players are), you can check out the Icy-veins guide on World of Warcraft official site.

What do you think of these melee buffs? Let us know and join us IGXE, where you can also get very cheap wow items.

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