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Blizzard Has Released The Shadows Of Argus Update For World Of Warcraft Yesterday

Blizzard Has Released The Shadows Of Argus Update For World Of Warcraft Yesterday

Posted time: Aug 31,2017


Blizzard has released the new update - Shadows of Argus, for World of Warcraft,  to bring an end to the story of  World of Warcraft: Legion. The new update will also bring a lot of new content along with it, including a new raid, new instances, and much more.

Shadows of Argus will be revolving around the story of Legion, the most recent World of Warcraft expansion, telling the story of the Burning Legion again to invade Azeroth. Now, with both  Gul’dan and Kil’jaeden killed by the forces of Azeroth, and the ancient draenei homeworld of Argus hanging in Azeroth’s sky, it has come to the time for the force of Azeroth to take the fight to the Legion, and end the war once and for all.

Players will fight along with the various guild leaders (such as Illidan Stormrage, Khadgar, Velen) since they have gone through three different areas over the course of various chapters of the Shadows of Argus main questline. The new elements of the story will be available every week, allowing you to get glimpses of the story around the Burning Crusade.

Taking command of the ship Vindicaar, players will be able to activate the various systems on the ship to do things, like use its main weapons, mechanized armored suit, or allowing you to recover the life after having a fatal damage.

In addition to fighting the Legion in the area of Krokuun and the destroyed city of Mac'Aree, the players will also get a new dungeon known as Seat of the Triumvirate to go through, where you can work with your other 4 people to fight in your ay and defest the bosses.

If you want to play Shadows of Argus for yourself, all what you have to do is download the patch and get on aboard the Exodar to start your holiday to Argus for what might be the last bit of new content for Legion before any future expansions.

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