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Blizzard Shuts Down New Private World of Warcraft Server Within Hours of Launch

Blizzard Shuts Down New Private World of Warcraft Server Within Hours of Launch

Posted time: Jul 26,2017


Last week, we discussed the upcoming private server Felmyst, a fan-run server for legacy World of Warcraft, which has gone live where  it featured the second World of Warcraft expansion, the Burning Crusade, as it existed as of Patch 2.1. While the core developer believes the game should be primitive, which means that it should handle quests, dungeons, raids, experience gain, and other facets of the overall WoW experience as they existed in early 2007, and that the specific goals of other mods, such as minimizing grinds or improving loot tables, would not be implemented on Felmyst.

We do not know why the developers thought they can get rid of this, especially after seeing that the previous efforts get shut down, but perhaps it is somehow related to four years worth of work being done on it.

Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly as we have thought about Will Blizzard Allow the WoW Felmyst Server Revisits The Burning Crusade last week), the Burning Crusade legacy server Felmyst briefly went live at some point on July 21st, but was definitely shut down via C&D letter by July 22nd(which was taking place within around five hours of its launch). The owner of Felmyst site, Gummy52, has taken down all previous comments and discussions and replaced them with a single image of a C&D letter and an explanation as to his own behavior.

According to the creator of Felmyst, Gummy52, who posted a thread on Reddit, “I was in the process of upgrading the server’s upload speed when I answered the door and then basically sat around in disbelief for a few hours. During those hours I of course checked if the law firm was a real place, then checked if the number on the paper matched the number on their website, then called them to verify its authenticity.”

As for the future of the server, it seems that Gummy52 has done much with it, as he said: “The only thing stopping Blizzard from harassing me with court dates and whatever else is their decision to not to. It’s no skin off their nose if they decide to play games with me and I don’t think anyone is going to crucify them for it if they did. Here we are and there’s nothing I can do.”


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