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Will Blizzard Allow the WoW Felmyst Server Revisits The Burning Crusade?

Will Blizzard Allow the WoW Felmyst Server Revisits The Burning Crusade?

Posted time: Jul 20,2017


As reported, there will be a new World of Warcraft fan server recreates The Burning Crusade(read New World of Warcraft Fan Server Recreates The Burning Crusade - Are You Ready?). But Blizzard has not approved yet. The new project will bring back classic WoW gaming - unlike the original release code of the game. The new unofficial Felmyst server will aim at The Burning Crusade as its setting instead of the original, vanilla, World of Warcraft.

Players who played a lot of WoW during both the vanilla and TBC would say that it is a more powerful technical choice. The Burning Crusade will rebalance the game to a new level cap, once a large number of class overhauls have expanded the roles that hybrid classes - Paladins, Druids, and Shaman - can play a role in the final game raids. In vanilla, all three categories are reasonably practicable in the contents of the 5-man dungeon, such as healers, damage-dealers (DPSers), or tanks, but are assigned / need to heal in most raids. The bad itemization that Retribution (DPS) or Protection (Tanking) Paladins had little chance of competing against Warriors, which were either DPSers or tanks, but had no healing option. Druids and Shaman had similar problems to a greater or smaller degree.

The Burning Crusade allows the Horde to have Paladins while the Alliance faction can enter the Shaman class. The Burning Crusade also raises gear configuration and flexibility, introduces new abilities, flying mounts, and a higher level cap, heroic 5-man dungeons, a lower 25-man cap on endgame raids, new 10-man raids, and a new small-group PvP system called Arenas. In short, The Burning Crusade improved on vanilla WoW in a large number of ways, especially if you played a hybrid class and was quite popular for that reason.

Will Blizzard Allow It?

However, if Blizzard does not allow the server to stay and run, and Blizzard usually does not approve or allow a private server, all of this is irrefutable. Last year, the Nostalrius server was taken down by a cease and desist order, resulting in a meeting with Blizzard by the Nostalrius creators, which lead to the Nostalrius server code merging with the different legacy server Elysium, which eventually ended when the now-ex Nostalrius devs reversed themselves and asked the Elysium server to stop using their code. Serious. All in less than a year.

Both the Nostalrius and Felmyst servers are/were an attempt to faithfully recreate WoW, as  it existed in their respective patch targets, initially with some exceptions. Felmyst's Raid content will be improved, with Karazhan being open at launch and other instances opening later. 

Many WoW players are interested in revisiting old content. Blizzard regularly provides “Timewalking” dungeons, allowing players to return to the upper level and one by one level, from a variety of expansion packages to obtain content, as they are from the expansion of the same role. But it is only a copy of the original experience of one aspect, and frankly, and can not be a good copy of it. Although the layout of the underground city and the boss is largely the same, but the player's skills and ability has undergone great changes in the game mechanism and ability in the content did not return to the previous expansion. In addition, these dungeons are usually much easier than ever before when they were new.


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