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World of Warcraft Dataminers Discover Next Expansion Clues

World of Warcraft Dataminers Discover Next Expansion Clues

Posted time: Jul 12,2017


The truth of the World of Warcraft‘s next expansion may be closer than ever before, as the dataminers discovered new clues in the latest MMO PTR patch. The Legion has begun moving forward quickly in World of Warcraft after the expansion of the Warlords of Draenor. Not only the final confrontation between Azeroth’s heroes and the Legion has been hinted at, but also the return of Warcraft‘s other major nemesis, the Old Gods. Just like all the good adventures, what's next, starting with a map.

From here on, World of Warcraft will create destroyers for the current expansion corps and provide potential spoilers for what’s coming next. If you want to keep the mystery, please stop here. Dataminers for the upcoming Legion patch discovered a full set of quest armor called the Kul Tiras set, which on itself may be a clue about the next expansion’s location. But just to break the leak home, the texture on the armor includes a map. The entire Kul Tiras Island is shown and may have formed zone-like areas that will be the perfect for an expansion.

Kul Tiras is a legendary island in the Warcraft universe, the source of the main Alliance fleet, and is also a participant in both the Second and Third Wars of Azeroth.  However, Kul Tiras was forgotten for launching World of Warcraft and its first two expansions. With Cataclysm‘s reshaping of Azeroth Kul Tiras remained absent, but Blizzard can prove that Cataclysm caused the tectonic plates to bring the island out to the sea. As far as known locations in Azeroth, Kul Tiras is a one of the last ones left to explore.

An unannounced expansion’s land mass itself is an exciting leak for the World of Warcraft fans, but this is not all dataminers discoverered. They also found that the tentacles stretching upward from the texture on the map. They are purple tentacles, decorated with a look like barnacles or eyes, and probably intentionally left ambiguous. If Kul Tiras becomes the setting of World of Warcraft's next expansion, then the the Old Gods will be its villains.

If the purple tentacle shape is not persuasive, then it helps to recall other clues, pointing towards to the imminent return of the Old Gods. There’s the Shadow Priest’s dagger’s whispering warnings, there’s the Emerald Nightmare raid boss Il’gynoth and his 10 prophecies regarding the Old Gods’ return, and one last new detail. The Legion Intelligence from the datamine shows that Illidan successfully sealed away Burning Legion commander Sargeras.

Although only the absence of the threat of the Burning Legion opened a meta doorway for a new threat, it is also an important from a lore perspective. The purpose of the Burning Legion is to end the existence in order to defeat the Void Lords, Sargeras gone, nothing can prevent the Void Lords and Old Gods from showing their hand.

If Blizzard maintains the current habit of releasing a World of Warcraft expansion every two years, players can look forward to the Legion follow-up in 2018. That could mean BlizzCon 2017 will release a new expansion announcement as soon as possible, though don’t be surprised if the next raid patch gets all the attention instead.

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