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World of Warcraft Fan-Made Naxxramas Raid Trailer

World of Warcraft Fan-Made Naxxramas Raid Trailer

Posted time: Jul 03,2017


World of Warcraft: Legion has been very successful, and the recently launched Tomb of Sargeras content has given the players a chance to face off against a new big bad in a raid format. Although the new raid is very popular, for the players over the age of 40  punishingly difficult encounters, there will always be a part of the community that is nostalgic. When talking about those old, messy battles, the stormy Naxxramas is always the favorite memory of fans.

The World of Warcraft Naxxramas raid was considered to be the most difficult pre-Burning Crusade raid by many players, and eventually got toned down in difficulty,  but initially has some of the most representative of the fightings in the early MMO days. Fans are very fond of the raid, a vanilla WoW enthusiast recently created a brand-new trailer for the old school raid.

The trailer makes a fantastic job to take Blizzard's modern style online game screen trailer and combine it with the footage from the vanilla WoW content. Many of the raid’s bosses and trash mobs are featured in the pump-up video and there are many lores too. When it comes to vanilla WOW lovers, that’s just about everything they need.

When the old bosses appear on the screen, those players who are not in the days of original Naxxramas era may not get goosebumps, but even without this situation, it is still a fun and exciting WoW trailer. The debate about the Legacy WoW server rages on, but it can not be denied that at least a vocal minority would like to choose to play the old school version of the game.

World of Warcraft: Legion has been available now for PC and Mac. Do you want to have a look at the fan-made Naxxramas  raid trailer? Please join the WOW Forum to watch it and visit professional site Igxe.com to get cheap wow gold online!


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