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World of Warcraft: The Tomb of Sargeras Raid Hotfix and Damage Adjustments

World of Warcraft: The Tomb of Sargeras Raid Hotfix and Damage Adjustments

Posted time: Jun 27,2017


After the hotfix to World of Warcraft, several encounters in the Tomb of Sargeras raid are different. If possible, these changes  take effect immediately, adjusting the Sisters of the Moon, the Desolate Host, and the Kil’jaeden fights within the raid. The  hotfix also provides players with a new source of gathering Writhing Essences.

The Sisters of the Moon encounter is different in several key aspects. First, Captain Yathae Moonstrike will no longer aim at the  player's pet with a quick shot capability. In addition, according to the official website, multiple sisters or all sisters will  not be active at the same time after the update. Fixes for staying in combat after the Desolate Host and Kil’jaeden’s  positioning during his Bursting Dreadflame ability are also included in the update.Specifically, Kil’jaeden will not switch  directions anymore while firing the Bursting Dreadflame ability.

Needless to say, players will now receive five Writhing Essence for the first Legion Heroic dungeon they complete each day. The  Illusion: Deathfrost item is now included in the Satchel of Chilled Goods instead of the Ice Chest, and the World of Warcraft  hotfix also fixed an issue with Siege of Orgrimmar heirlooms. These updates are available now unless a client-side patch is  required during normal maintenance.

In addition to the hotfix to World of Warcraft today, the regular maintenance will make some adjustments to  several classes of  the game. Havoc Demon Hunters will find that all of their abilities will cause 2% more damage. Demon’s Bite will cause 46% more  damage, and the damage element of the Demonic Presence ability will cause 7% more damage.

The abilities of all Survival Hunter are increased by 4% after the maintenance pointed out on the official forums. Windwalker  Monks will also find their damage improved as well. Windwalker Monks will get  more than a 2% increase in ability damage  alongside a 12% increase to the ability of Fists of Fury.  And the upcoming maintenance will also lower Corruption and Agony  damage for Affliction Warlocks by 5%.


The latest hotfix and upcoming maintenance for World of Warcraft come just a few weeks after patch 7.2.5. As the Inquisitr  reported, the patch added the new Chromie solo scenario and made Black Temple Timewalking a possibility when Outland Timewalking  begins again in World of Warcraft.

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