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World of Warcraft: WoW Tokens Price Jumped to a New Record Following ‘Destiny 2’ Announcement

World of Warcraft: WoW Tokens Price Jumped to a New Record Following ‘Destiny 2’ Announcement

Posted time: May 22,2017

World of Warcraft token prices have jumped to a record high, after Activision-Blizzard announced that Destiny 2 would be available on PC exclusively through the Blizzard Launcher (formerly the Battle.net Client). The announcement means that, among other things, that PC players will be able to chat with friends playing "Destiny 2"  while in Blizzard's other games, including Hearthstone and the massively-successful Overwatch.


And, obviously, it has also pushed the in-game prices of WoW Tokens into an unprecedented level.

According to Kotaku, sales of WoW Tokens, priced at $ 20 USD each, hit a new record level on the in-game market . The Token can be traded to a month subscription game to WoW - or they can sold for gold at the auction house, like EVE Online's PLEX, which first brings the conversion of many MMO games into the combined game token / game money market. In fact, this means that the players with more time than money can get their game time for “free” through gameplay, while players with more money than time can sell $20 tokens for a quick influx of in-game cash.

Originally, the tokens can only be sold or redeemed for the game, but in February, Blizzard changed the way the token worked; it was now possible to redeem the $ 15 credit in the Blizzard Launcher (one month's WoW subscription price). Many players take advantage of this, trading their WoW tokens for the Hearthstone Card Pack or Overwatch Robbery Boxes and driving the secondary market price rise because the dedicated WoW players are happy to unload some of their stockpiled Tokens, and others were even more happy to trade $20 for a wad of WoW gold.

Blizzard allows WoW Tokens to carry out actual store credit transactions is pretty unprecedented; even if the games which are considered leaders of digital income,don’t usually allow for currencies like WoW Tokens to be traded for anything other than in-game currency or game subscription time.

So in February, after the change, the price of the WoW token rose by more than 110,000 watts, eventually reaching 80,000 gold. In the past few months, the price has been slowly rising, but when Activision-Blizzard made their fate 2, they noticed that for the Destiny 2 players, the game can be through the Blizzard shopping Transmitter, and the player can actually use the WoW token to buy the fate of 2, WoW token suddenly become infinite and more valuable; this time last year, according to VG247, the original Destiny has nearly 30 million players, and Activision- Blizzard recorded record revenue, of which about 64% came from digital sales - and remember that Activision-Blizzard was the highest game in 2016 before the release of Overwatch.

So how valuable is the WoW Tokens? On the day of the announcement, they rose from a high of 11 million gold figures to more than 140,000 gold. The market continued to decline this weekend, and finally the average price of 120,000 gold, at least in the game increased by 26%. The dollar value of the real world dollar remains the same.

Ultimately, this is one of the problems facing the virtual economy; there is no reasonable amount of "sinks", the value of the game currency continues to expand, sometimes inflated at an alarming rate. While WoW players are now eager to store WoW Tokens, they may eventually find that inflation will continue to rise, making their tokens more valuable than before - especially when fate 2 is likely to continue to push up value, and new Of Hearthstone and Overwatch releases.

The bright side is that if enough WoW players actually use their tokens to buy Destiny 2, the market should see the number of available total tokens relative to an unprecedented decline, in theory, their prices will fall again.

However, it now appears that the value of the WoW token seems to be higher than ever before, and many players are trying to take advantage of this advantage if there is no other reason to hope that they will be able to "fate 2" as "free" when it is released.

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