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World of Warcraft PVP Nerfs Before North American Qualifier

World of Warcraft PVP Nerfs Before North American Qualifier

Posted time: May 18,2017

World of Warcraft Plans Guardian Druid PVP Nerfs Before NA Qualifiers

Before the upcoming North American Qualifier, there will be an extensive list of changes scheduled for the World of Warcraft PVP. Most of them, though not all, are aimed to Guardian Druids. The following are the changes made by per game designer Arempy:

Demon Hunter - Havoc: 

Chaotic Onslaught can no longer cause Chaos Strike to trigger more than one additional Chaos Strike in PvP situations. 

Rain from Above will now properly suppress all root effects when cast, such as Frost Nova. 

Druid - Guardian: 

Pawsitive Outlook can no longer cause Thrash to trigger more than one additional Thrash in PvP situations. 
Sharpened Claws increases Thrash and Swipe damage by 25%, down from 50%. 
Frenzied Regeneration now heals for 25% of damage taken in the last 5 seconds, down from 50%. 
PvP Template Agility reduced by 5%. 
PvP Template Stamina reduced by 5%. 

Monk - Brewmaster:

Stave Off can no longer cause Keg Smash to trigger more than one additional Keg Smash in PvP situations. 

Warrior - Fury: 

Oathblood can no longer cause Bloodthirst to trigger more than one additional Bloodthirst in PvP situations.

The World of Warcraft PVP balance patch program is scheduled on Tuesday, and it may changes between that time and right now.

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