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Pokemon Go May Become a mix of World of Warcraft and Tamagotchi

Pokemon Go May Become a mix of World of Warcraft and Tamagotchi

Posted time: May 12,2017


Those who are obsessed with Pokemon Go (yes, they do still exist apparently) will know that Niantic is planning to make a lot of improvements to the Gym battling system and seeing if they can provide more player versus player gameplay.

Although the latest update to the game was very boring -  the addition of Brazilian Portuguese language support and a feature where you can tap on a medal to show progress towards the next tier - some major changes are set to come soon.

According to the data, the Gym Raids will be a part of the game soon after short time, although it has not yet been made clear how they will work.


However, Niantic seems to be building a notification system to remind players nearby Raids, as well as a map.

For those who have been passing through the World of Warcraft era when they were young - or still have a subscription (we will not judge) this update may sound familiar.

However, another update may leads people throwbacks to the time they had a Tamagotchi - as the players soon need to feed the Gym-based Pokemon to prevent them from from becoming stagnant.

It is unclear whether these updates will be eliminated, but Niantic have said that they would like to launch a new cooperation experience in the coming weeks.

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