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Are World Of Warcraft Players Giveing Up The Broken Shore?

Are World Of Warcraft Players Giveing Up The Broken Shore?

Posted time: May 11,2017


The content in MMORPG has a purpose, and sometimes this purpose is only to be  played by those in-game players. Now, it does not have to be played every day. This may not be possible depending on what it is, but it should be played by a lot of players when it is available. In World of Warcraft: Legion, a region known as the Broken Shore was implemented during Patch 7.2, bringing players not only new areas, but also new quests, dungeons and ways to fight the Burning Legion. However, according to many players, they are not interested in that.

This is from Battle.net, where there are two threads going on about whether the World of Warcraft players even go to the Broken Shore, many people say "no". But why this is the key area of World of Warcraft: Legion being abandoned? Well, according to many players, there is nothing to do there. Or at least, there is nothing to pursue their interest. Some people say they go to the Broken Shore had a clear purpose:

“The only reason i go there is for the the Legion fall order bags to hep get a legendary on this new toon," says player Scathbas.

The other interesting thing that many players have said is that Broken Shore's appearance is what drives them away. They do not like how depressing it looks and feels as they go to it. Yes, this may be part of the game design, but it does not mean that the player has to like it. Numerous references to a previous island that served a similar purpose was brought up, and many lamented that it wasn’t available anymore:

“Agreed, the Timeless Isle was great, it seems Blizz are still trying to find the Magic/Secret Sauce that amade that Zone so populara and more importantly entertaining," says Adanion.

Is there a slovement for this issue? It’s hard to say. What’ll be interesting going forward is what both players and Blizzard do with the Broken Shore, because it's clear that something might be wrong.

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