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World of Warcraft Aims to Balance Discipline Priests Changes

World of Warcraft Aims to Balance Discipline Priests Changes

Posted time: May 03,2017


World of Warcraft game designer Sigma has got some Discipline priests news: you get some love in the PTR. Discipline-raiding is something they are looking for ways to reinforce the next patch, which is what the development team plans to do.

Talent Balancing

In particular, Evangelism is an idea we like, but finding a serious competitor is a raid talent may be difficult. It may be necessary to oppose heavier blowlers, such as Power Infusion (especially if it helps it to reduce the stack buildup by one minute). Talent arrangements may be further iterations to better accommodate new additions.

Mana Costs

The spell whose cost is most important for balance purpose is Plea, because it is now the most effective way to convert surplus mana into sin. We reduce the cost, so when compared with Shadow Mend and Radiance, will be more meaningful, but pay attention to whether the magic as a reasonable limiting factor, so that you can spread in the process of how much atonement.


In the three changes addressed, the Atonement Count may be a nerf. said Sigma:

The changes in the last build helped fix a lot of mechanical issues, but also added a lot of raw power to the spec, particularly in terms of Atonement spread/uptime. And particularly Evangelism returns a lot of the burst-Atonement coverage that currently dominates Disc raiding. That's not necessarily a problem if everything else about the spec is working well, and it's good to continue having a bit of a niche that Disc is used to in Legion. But as discussed in my first post, if it's as easy to blanket the raid as it is on live, that limits the spec somewhat. 

However, they also pointed out that the percentage of Atonement transfer is contrary to their goals and intentions. 

All of the above Discipline Priest changes in World of Warcraft are for Patch 7.2.5, which is currently in the Public Test Realm phase of development.

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