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Hayven - Popular World of Warcraft Youtuber Passed Away

Hayven - Popular World of Warcraft Youtuber Passed Away

Posted time: Apr 26,2017

Popular World of Warcraft Youtuber Passes Away

Hayven was known for creating videos to explore several famous World of Warcraft items and dungeons. He does not like other World of Warcraft YouTubers. As he quickly pointed out, his video can not teach people how to exclude DPS in the raids, or let the opponent angry in the PVP. He was interested in the history of the 13-year-old MMO, and he did his best to record it, even after he contracted a rare form of cancer.

But yesterday, a bad news came to us - He left us forever on March 18, according to an vedio appeared on his last video, which was uploaded by family members. The video was a brief musical piece, accompanied by a tribute. 

"Hayven passed away on the 18th of March 2017, 26 years old. He was an inspiration to many and someone who cared immensely about his fans and community. Hayven had fought epithelioid sarcoma, a rare and severe form of cancer that usually affects teenagers and young adults.  You will always be missed Hayven, and although you lost to cancer, you have forever won our hearts."

He has a lot of famous videos, such as exploring how Dalaran changed from Warcraft II through Legion, among others exploring the "Smoke and Mirrors" of World of Warcraft's world design.

Many of Hayven’s videos were well-researched probes into the hard-to-reach corners of WoW’s history, but he also took time to talk about his battle with cancer and let audience know the situation. Even as his video output understandably declined, his community stuck by him. After his death, they started a petition to let him memorialized in World of Warcraft.

Now, everyone's mourning. People are posting contributions and memories in his recent videos and a handful of older ones:


“I loved him to pieces,” said HeelvsBabyface, through tears. “And he’d always tell me, ‘I love you too, mate.’”

Hayven’s YouTube channel will remains up, and all future funds from it and his Patreon will go toward cancer research. However, people are not just what they do. Hayven was clearly far more than his videos. He was a friend to those who knew him and a friendly presence to his fans. He added kindness to the world, and he will be missed.

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