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World of Warcraft Will Remove Soul Effigy Entirely in Next PTR Patch

World of Warcraft Will Remove Soul Effigy Entirely in Next PTR Patch

Posted time: Apr 24,2017

Some Warlock players may want to know that after the next PTR patch, it is most likely to exist a gap in your foolbar. The World of Warcraft team will solve the concerns with Soul Effigy in the next cycle - completely remove it!

/4.24 World-of-Warcraft-to-Remove-Soul-Effigy-Next-PTR-Patch

Seph said:" The original concept of Soul Effigy seems to be very interesting in theory and should be understandable, even though it is obviously not working in practice. As an Affliction Warlock, I am happy to walk into a double target boss fight. At the basic level, you know that you will get double value from your DoTs. Walking into a 1-target fight with Soul Effigy just does not feel almost the same.  Mechanically, the two-situations gameplay is very similar, but the Soul Effigy does not play out very well in the end. Might be any of a number of actors - the reduced damage transfer, feeling like the effigy is just there for increased soul shard generation, the usability issues, or the unnaturalness of it as a concept. "

Not that there's anything but unnaturalness in a Warlock's fel-driven abilities, but the emergent impacts it has on gameplay means that they'll be replacing it with a new talent coming down the pipelines. 

Of course it is not the only major change coming to the Warlock. Just two days ago, Seph also addressed a series of changes to the Affliction Warlock and in addition, Seph also clarified that the 20 set bonus will be changing soon to reduce focus on the Drain Soul.

This in itself is to address the sweeping changes to the so-called MG play style, the recent nerf to which had slashed DPS by over 25%, according to Warlock player Cloontang. 

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