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World of Warcraft Patch Heavily Nerfs Nether Portal Disruptor Rewards

World of Warcraft Patch Heavily Nerfs Nether Portal Disruptor Rewards

Posted time: Apr 19,2017

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Well, it's funny while it lasts. Since the release of World of Warcraft patch 7.2, many players have spent a lot of time, or in some cases, focus on the Nether Portal Disruptors. The Broken Shore content provides too many Netherchunks and Sentinax beacons, but these rewards are almost completely removed from the event. Nether Portal Disruptors now give a lot of war supplies and dauntless tokens, making them worth doing, but not something worth standing around waiting for.

“We want to make sure that Nether Portal Disruptors and the enemies they attract are lucrative and exciting without overshadowing other options so that players feel inclined to focus only on the Nether Disruptor for Broken Shore play. This should now be a solid extra to add to your activities when it’s available, rather than something to wait around for.”

The Patch also includes other hotfixes, including providing Witchmatron Magora with a lot more defenses. More importantly, the patch includes significant damage buffs for Fire Mages, Enhancement Shamans, Outlaw Rogues, and Marksmanship Hunters. These recent balance patches are popular a welcome sight for specs that have been recently neglected. Bringing specs as close to in line with all the others as possible should be a large priority for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft development plan moving forward.

World of Warcraft Legion Companion app fans will be very happy to get the addition of the new 7.2 follower missions to the mobile app. For  those who desired easy management of their followers anywhere any time, this update is very needed. Missing the new and more rewarding missions is an issue when trying to maximize the time spent by your followers in the field.

For more about the main takeaways from this patch and hotfix, you can look at the full patch notes for more information on World of Warcraft’s official site or welcome to visit www.igxe.com to read more!

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