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Developers Discuss The Details Of the World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 - Tomb of Sargeras

Developers Discuss The Details Of the World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 - Tomb of Sargeras

Posted time: Apr 17,2017

World of Warcraft recently released a huge update - The Tomb of Sargeras, which was ragarded as one of Blizzard’s biggest updates, according to a report by GameSpot. Since then, players have been able to explore its inner and outer in detail. And the developers discussed the patch 7.2, and made a lot of instructions for its development and release.

4.17 World-Of-Warcraft-Tomb-Of-Sargeras-details

Whether you are a Retribution Paladin or an Enhancement Shaman, The Tomb of Sargeras has a lot of offer. From class quests to a new dungeon, every updated aspect caters to fans. Players can also see new features that make item sets easier to manage. In general, the Tomb of Sargeras update makes World of Warcraft a simpler affair to engage in.

As we know, the Tomb of Sargeras update went into effect as early as February or March. When asked about the update and its conception.Senior Producer Travis Day said:

“Things are very smooth right now. We’re actually feeling great, things are in a really good place from a production standpoint. I started the initial planning for this and the whole patch schedule for Legion back around February or March. Part of our effort is trying to get things planned early and make sure we can actually meet the cadence that we have been trying to get the content out. And that’s so we can avoid having to to any kind of crazy crunches or anything along those lines.”

An update of this size and magnitude involves much work on Blizzard’s part. There are some adjustments to cultural relics that give them new power characteristics.  Items, classes, and professions have also received updates. We even see how the target works, players no longer subject to locking onto adversaries that are unvisible on-screen.

How does Blizzard balance such big changes with their own game windows? According to Day, there is not much that changed during such a big World of Warcraft update. It’s not unusual for developers to feel the exhaustion of working on content. 

Day said that the team is getting larger and more efficient, helping the updates rolling out as smooth as possible.

Apart from the World of Warcraft tweaks, the developers also discussed the ipdated points they want to focus on. Specifically, the developers discussed the main points of world changing.

Ryan Shwayder, senior designer and content supervisor, chimed in with his own thoughts to The Tomb of Sargeras, and siad that “Really one of the things we haven’t exactly highlighted is the idea of, on Broken Shore itself, the idea of a dynamic environment; like a dynamic ebb and flow of the content on the Broken Shore.”

Some of the Broken Isle areas of World of Warcraft have been changing, although Shwayder wants to expand on this.

“One of the things we always wanted to do with the world quest system, which we weren’t able to do throughout the entire Broken Isles–we were able to do it in some spots–is make the areas that the world quests take place in, change out their population, change out what is happening in that area at the time of the world quest,” Ryan began. “And that is one of the things we’ve been able to do on Broken Shore, because it’s not a level up zone, we don’t have to worry about the population changing out and making it impossible to do the quests you are supposed to be able to do.”

If you are looking for a starting point in The Tomb of Sargeras, a Polygon's report lists items that will ensure  spring into the new content. From the ability to fly to explore NPC and new dungeons, there are a lot of things for players to be occupied. Blizzard is most likely to continue rolling out tweaks and fixes to the new update, so players can expect to see more World of Warcraft and its transformation.

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