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Is World of Warcraft Not Fair To Alts?

Is World of Warcraft Not Fair To Alts?

Posted time: Apr 12,2017

World of Warcraft fans have raised questions about whether MMORPG adapts to alternative roles (alts). Similar to most of this particular type of games, players have the opportunity to create multiple roles on their accounts. This is something that  a player will put less time to, as opposed to their main character. The player's main role is usually the highest level, most powerful and usually the oldest role in their account, although it depends on the player being a rather subjective way.

4.12 Is-World-of-Warcraft-Not-Fair-To-Alts

Taking this into account, some fans feel that World of Warcraft provides an unfriendly platform for the alternative characters. The initial question was released by Battle.net User Motors:

Why have the Devs seen fit to make the game so incredibly alt unfriendly? Why make it like having a job to have alts? What is the point? Do you not want people to enjoy more than 1 character?

The consensus in terms of why the game may not be so accommodating refers to that Blizzard suggests that they do not particularly like to use alternative roles for players who prefer users to focus on their power supply questions and answers. Some people will find this contradictory with the replay value of the game, as they will certainly spend more time playing WoW with extra characters.

For Alts, the known restrictions are made around the auction of the auction houses and can not be logged in with others on the same account at the same time. However, not everyone feels that World of Warcraft is particularly unfair,  where the Legion expansion is concerned. User Oomoom Replies:

I disagree that legion is still alt unfriendly. After 3 hours played at 110 on my hunter I had a level 35 artifact and 860 ilvl. I’m at 870 something now after only a few more hours.

Do you think that World of Warcraft is unfair to alternative characters? Let us know in the following comment section or visit our professional site www.igxe.com to read more!



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