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Overwatch Cheat-Maker Bossland Need To Pay Blizzard $8.6M

Overwatch Cheat-Maker Bossland Need To Pay Blizzard $8.6M

Posted time: Apr 06,2017

4.6 Overwatch Cheat-Maker Bossland Need To Pay Blizzard $8.6M

According to March report, The video game World of Warcraft and Overwatch developers had successfully sued a company that sold "cheat" tools for its titles. Blizzard filed a lawsuit against bot software creator Bossland. It seems that the cheat software company has lost another lawsuit against Blizzard, this time by a California court accused the company to pay Blizzard $8.6M for "infringement of copyright, unfair competition and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Law, the anti-circumvention provisions". In addition, the Bossland may also face to pay another  $177,000 for Blizzard's legal costs.

Blizzard had stated that Bossland had reverse-engineered and otherwise altered its games without permission, in order to make bot software work in World of Warcraft and Overwatch. 

The US games developer had argued that:

"The Bossland hacks destroy the integrity of the Blizzard games, thereby alienating and frustrating legitimate players and diverting revenue from Blizzard to defendants." 

The tools included the ability to see other players' positions, health scores and other information from a distance within games.

According to the other news site Torrentfreak, Bossland had attempted to have the US case dismissed, but did not defend himself in court.

The California case shows that Blizzard requires $ 200 per program sold to US customers in the United States. According to the case submission, the United States distributed 421818 copies of software, bringing the total loss to $ 860 Million.

This is the second lawsuit that Bossland has lost to Blizzard, which was the first in Germany at the end of 2011.

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