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Blizzard Shuts Down The Mod To Make World Of Warcraft Tales Better

Blizzard Shuts Down The Mod To Make World Of Warcraft Tales Better

Posted time: Apr 01,2017

It is especially ture during the early levels of the game, before you reach the most recent expansion content. World of Warcraft Tales is a mod that can be improved through voice acting and more complex stories. I said "there will be" because it is good.

4.1 Blizzard Shuts Down Mod Aiming To Make World Of Warcraft's Story Better

Blizzard recently closed the early project because it would change something too much because of their preferences. See, the Warcraft Tales is ambitious, according to Blizzard's additional strategy, you can accept acceptable content. In short, MODs hosted by YouTuber BellularGaming will re-adjust WoW's 1-60 quests to change the way they are presented, but it is vital - will not changing how they’d play or what you’d earn from them.

So, for example, there is an early quest that takes you to a mine to take a look at the attractions and wonder why the video game is so obsessed with the mine. After installing the Warcraft Tales, you can still do this, rather than the whole story as a text wall, but to accept a voice interpretation of the introduction, and then, once you enter my mine, you will hear a To the whole area of the little people will fill some gaps. “Our goal is to create a more narratively compelling and immersive experience for you to play through, and the overhaul would’ve been released episodically, zone-by-zone, and funded out of pocket for the first three, then by Patreon." Bellular explained in an announcement video.

Speaking to PC Players, Blizzard explained why they put the kibosh on the project.

"As we told Bellular directly, we were very grateful for his passion for the game," Blizzard's representative said. "But we need to protect the integrity and experience of all the players' games.WoW is a living world - anything that can change the actual game content is likely to affect the experience of all the players in the technology, even if they choose not to use plugins, Change the bound universe together with fan novels that are great (it happens outside of the game), modify the task display mode plugin well because they do not modify the game content but instead change [or] replace the actual game content plugin story Not because it has a far - reaching impact on the player experience."

So WoW is basically a huge, complex series of intertwining systems, if you hit on a thread, no matter how small or harmless, you risk unraveling the whole darn thing. Although  a mod like Warcraft Tales is unlikely to destroy the world of Warcraft or even cause significant damage, but I can understand the Blizzard’s caution. In this way, Blizzard allows certain types of interface mods to be used in WoW. Anything beyond that is where they draw the line.

"Legend of Warcraft" may have been very good, but Bellular said he was "behind the scenes" work, and Blizzard negotiations. I do not like his chance, but you can not miss his try. Sure enough, I know this game tells me that I'm looking for goblin ears, but the thing I'm really looking for is a purpose.

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