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Facing More And More Powerful World of Warcraft Players, Blizzard Secretly Made the Game Harder

Facing More And More Powerful World of Warcraft Players, Blizzard Secretly Made the Game Harder

Posted time: Mar 31,2017

When you get better and better max-level equipment in World of Warcraft, one of the satisfying side effects is the ability to get back to the past and solve the problem through enemies and dungeons that used to give you trouble. Blizzard quietly stopped that in the latest patch through making enemies' health scale up with the quality of your gear.

3.31 Blizzard Secretly Made the WOW Game Harder

A handful of WoW players took to the game's forums yesterday after noticing that  the enemy's non-player character (AKA thugs) is in good when players' item levels (the quality of their gear) were above a certain threshold (850). In the latest expansion, Legion, mobs' levels and corresponding stats scaled up with your character level, but once you reach the highest level, you will stop increasing: 110. That's no longer the case.

In the 13 years' history of the game, there have none anything like that, and Blizzard never told players it is happening.

You can not enter some end-game dungeons or raids without reaching the lowest item level. Until patch 7.2, which is the only way the item level affects the player. Because this change is not in the patch notes, some players think that the new enemy zoom is a bug, but World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas said it was not the case.

"This reflects a deliberate change, but it does not work as much as we expected," he said on Wednesday's WoW forum. "The scaling may be too steep, and the fact that a piece of equipment might be helpful is a mistake in the system, and we will study how to change that in the very near future."

Hazzikostas said the reason for the change is that non-raid content is still related to max-level players who are best suited to the world's quests, and they have the opportunity to give them the same high-grade equipment they earn with the attacker. He also said that they do not want to have a higher level of players players from the low-level players out of the players.

If you have an item level higher than 850, then the scaling still gives you an advantage over level 110 mobs, this is not just an advantage. As for why this changed wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, Hazzikostas said the developers wanted to let players feel the change and allow Blizzard to gauge their response.

"It's not to be deceptive, we know that it's impossible to hide the changes of millions of players," Hazzikostas said. "But the meaning of this system is to make you feel that most are transparent and subtle, just like you do not stop and really think about it, so we really want the player to be able to experience this change your feedback and reaction In this particular case, the impression of the system will not be skewed by the experience of logging in and trying to find the differences."

No matter how Hazzikostas explains about that issue, the reactions have not been good. Players were unhappy to hear that the change was deliberate and, for the most part, expressed that they did not like the change. Like or not, a lot of wow players are waiting for you to play the game together! Welcome to buy cheap wow gold on igxe.com.

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