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The Next Big Thing After Legion's 7.2 Update of World Of Warcraft

The Next Big Thing After Legion's 7.2 Update of World Of Warcraft

Posted time: Mar 30,2017

Yesterday, Blizzard launched the largest World of Warcraft non-expansion update in its 12 years of life. Patch 7.2, The Tomb of Sargeras, contains more than a totally new area and dungeon, there is an11-week quest line, a Hearthstone-style PVP brawl mode, and dozens of more features - covering with a new raid , which will be open at a later time. According to game director Ion Hazzikostas, 7.2 is "an appreciable chunk of some of [World of Warcraft's] older expansions in their entirety." 

3.30 The Next Big Thing After Legion's 7.2 Update OF World Of Warcraft

It is big but even larger is the expected weight of 7.2 carries with it. If there is a lesson from the "Warcraft" before the expansion of the failure to remember, Delano's warlord, which is an extension just follow it as updated as well. Although I worship the Corps when sending the Legion, but I can not help but worry that if its great first impression will continue. As pointed out by senior producer Travis Day, "you can not judge a full-length movie in the first 15 minutes."

Then what's the next big thing for the World Of Warcraft?

Hazzikostas will not comment on places other than The Tomb of Sargeras, but we know two things: patch 7.3 is already under development, if the little game in Blizzcon 2016 is eliminated, it will be a patch to remember the first time, players will travel to Argus, homeworld of the Eredar and Dranei, to fight the Burning Legion on their own turf.

The implications are heavy from a lore perspective. The Burning Legion and its leader, Sargeras, has been has been the main rival of Azeroth since the Warcraft 3. You can say that the whole story of all four games, to some extent, is about the devil of war between Azeroth and across the army and 7.3, the player will attack the headquarters of the Legion, probably Sargeras himself.

Hazzikostas said: "We are doing Argus as a patch because of why we finally put Demon Hunter as a classroom." "This is what we have been talking about and kicking, and the final question we ask is if it is not now Will there be better time?

The problem is the core of the Legion's everything. It is an expansion, braving the bold new risk - even if they do not always work. Whether 7.3 will be the end of the Legion or 7.4 content patch will continue the story remains to be seen, but it is clear that Blizzard finally found an effective rhythm. For the 12-year-old game, it is difficult in the past background to think about "World of Warcraft" - warmly recalled the past there have been all the memory and nostalgia. But the Legion let me fixed in the future of Warcraft.

I already have too many things to look forward to about 7.2, but it's not broken on the shore, PvP quarreling, or any one of the features that make me excited. That is, Blizzard for how to develop World of Warcraft, out of their own past the shadow has a confident vision. 

What arr you expecting for the nest big thing of World of Warcraft? Comment below to let us know and visit our professional site igxe.com to read more wow news everyday and buy cheap wow gold there online!

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