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Massive Contents Come To World of Warcraft With Patch 7.2 Next Week

Massive Contents Come To World of Warcraft With Patch 7.2 Next Week

Posted time: Mar 24,2017

According to this week's Live Developer Q & A, we certainly confirmed what we can expect from the upcoming content in 7.2, an official release date as well as the official Patch 7.2 trailer. The Legion will return to the Broken Shore with patch 7.2 on March 28.

You may be wondering exactly what content you can sink your teeth into the upcoming Tuesday, let's take a look at the following details below:

What’s Coming Later in 7.2 

Legion Assaults
In the coming weeks of 7.2 players will be able to cull The Burning Legion once more during Legion Assaults. The Assaults will take place in any of the four leveling zones; Azsuna, Val’sharah, Highmountain and Stormheim respectively. The Assaults will have three phases, the final phase being a three player scenario. Players will be able to access the assaults via World Quests. This includes players that have not yet reached level 110 but have unlocked World Quests. The three person scenario however, will only be accessible to max level players.

Class Mounts
Obtaining class mounts will be gated behind an 11 week campaign as well as reaching Exalted with the Armies of Legionfall reputation.

Class Order Hall Advancement
The continuation of our Class Order Halls will also take place during 7.2, whether this begins immediately or not we’re unsure of. However, as players progress through The Broken Shore, new Order Hall quests and a new Follower will be obtainable. In addition Order Halls will give players new class-centered World Quests, for instance as mentioned in the Q & A Rogue’s may have a quest centered on sneaking around. During these quests, players of a different class will be sent to aid you.

The Tomb of Sargeras Raid
Players looking to hit Legion’s next raid will have to wait a bit longer as The Tomb of Sargeras will open at a later date. This does however bode well for those that are still looking to get their Ahead of the Curve: Gul’dan achievement as it will remain available until the new raid is released.

During Live Developer Q & A, patch 7.2 is called "the largest content patch". It is also mentioned that we can expect some other content in patch 7.2 has not been discussed. Are you surprised at the release of patch 7.2? What do you expect most? Let us know in comments or talk about us on Facebook or Twitter! And for further information, please comtinue to visit our site igxe.com.

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