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World Of Warcraft Demon Knows Who Summoned It

World Of Warcraft Demon Knows Who Summoned It

Posted time: Mar 22,2017

3.22 World-Of-Warcraft-Demon

World of Warcraft Redditor LawsuitEsq has developed an eloquent answer to this question. Felguard demons have been asking their Warlock masters again and again since 2007. "Oh, I do not know Zhevdarr. Take a wild fucking guess who summoned you again."

Until last year's Legion Expansion Pack, I did not have much in the Warlock class, but it did not take a long time to get tired of the Felguard’s bullshit. When the Warlock summons the demon, they are basically paired for life. The demon gets a name and from there on, that is the demon who comes when the call is put forth. So yes, I can fell LawsuitEsq's frustration.

“With this bullshit Zhev every day. This is not even every day to fly to any place every time.You just by my side, summoned as usual,  and I gave you a cat nap into the Nether realm of forgetfulness apparently and when you pop back out it’s the same question. YES I SUMMONED YOU.”

Why should Felguards be like that? I like to imagine they’re sort of like Dory from looking for Nemo, and every summon feels like the first time. LawsuitEsq has their own ideas.

“Are you seeing other Warlocks on the side? Is this just some diversity quota where we needed the first alcoholic demon to include everyone? Surprise asshole its ME AGAIN and I will keep summoning you until the devs give me a lone wolf style talent. So buckle up buttercup, I’m dragging your half-wit ass through everything and no matter how many times you ask “Who Dares Summon Me” IT WILL ALWAYS BE ME.”

In fact, the Felguard's voice came from the voice of Doomguard, in World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft is a very special demon, need to sacrifice to call, and often lose control, random kill innocent mailbox dancers The I would say that the update is in order, but now it has been ten years, the warlocks have been accustomed to. We will fight with Felguard, but we do not have to love it.

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