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World of Warcraft New Artifact Appearances Announced

World of Warcraft New Artifact Appearances Announced

Posted time: Mar 21,2017

3.21 wow-New-Artifact-Appearances

Blizzard announced that they will not only release an Artifact questline in patch 7.2, which will allow players to unlock new traits, but they will also be including an artifact challenge appearance. In order to start this challenge, the players will be required to be level 110, got all 35 ranks of their artifact weapon, and complete the questline to unlock the access to the four new traits available with patch 7.2.

The Mage Tower found in The Broken Shore is said to be a steeple structure to invest in your Legionfall War Supplies. When the tower is active and the player has met all the necessary requirements, a new quest will be available. This quest is a continuation of the Class Order campaign and will require the player to take care of some "unfinished business". Players will then be tasked to defeat a powerful enemy to unlock the new Artifact appearance. Players will need to use Fel Treasures to construct the Master Tower to access the encounter.

The first time you start the quest, you can be able to enter the game free of charge. However, if you fail, you need to pay the fee. The activities on the Broken Shore will win your Nethershards. You can use shards to buy as much chance as possible in the encounter you may need. The Master Tower will be active for only three days before it is destroyed, so you need to take action quickly!

"If you decide to give it a good run every time the tower is available, you may want to spend some time in the shadow of the Sentinax to collect as many Nethershards as possible. Successful acquisition of your Artifact weapon’s Challenge Appearance will be cost - but bragging right will be yours when you do succeed."

There will be seven different challenges available, all of which are aimed at each class role, which means that the challenge of each character will depend on whether the player is a healer, a tank or a DPS. There is no gear requirement, but Blizzard recommends trying to get the best gear equipment and you can make sure you will leave this encounter with a new look for your artifact weapon.

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