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Blizzard Bans Top World Of Warcraft Players For Selling WoW Content For Cash

Blizzard Bans Top World Of Warcraft Players For Selling WoW Content For Cash

Posted time: Mar 10,2017

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Running a friend through a dungeon is one thing that may be a little too rough for them because you are a Cool Pal. This is another thing that is done entirely by a Rando and asking for real money in return. In World of Warcraft, the latter is unacceptable, Blizzard has begun to ban the top players for trading Dungeon Runs for cash.

According to PCGamesN, it is quite common for the cream of the game’s crop to boost players with less time (but more money) in the hands through tough dungeons. The boost-ee gets trophies and achievements, and the boost-er gets real cash. Everyone wins ... sorta. However, Blizzard said they turned a blind eye to these practices.

"We recently took action on some active participation in and / or advertising sales of in-game raids or dungeons in exchange for the Real World currency account," Community Manager Bret "Ornyx" Forbus wrote in a forum post. "This behavior is clearly in violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use.”

"Among the affected players, many are members of the top raiding guilds," he added. "We want to make it clear that everyone who takes action shows the full knowledge and intent to violate the Terms of Use. Looking forward to the future, in order to ensure fair competition and competitive integrity, we will monitor these activities more closely to ensure compliance. This includes providing services for real money, account sharing and other violations."

Top Raiders are not the only people who guide low-level players through the WoW’s increasingly brutal theme parks, but Blizzard aimed at them for a reason.

"As some players have pointed out, we have been very conservative about this initial round of actions, and only punished a very small number of blatant offenders who are in flagrantly violating our terms of service," said Josh "Lore" Allen, global community engagement manager. "These are warnings to all the players involved in these activities, because we intend to act more fully in the future and to punish more seriously."

Blizzard Take Action Against RAID Clears For Real Money

Heck of a warning shot, giving out how much work the top WoW players put into their characters. It's thousands of hours down the drain. Everyone learns from their mistakes or faces some serious gnarly consequences.

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