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World of Warcraft: Free-For-All PvP Will Be Available In Dalaran This Friday

World of Warcraft: Free-For-All PvP Will Be Available In Dalaran This Friday

Posted time: Mar 09,2017

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Total mayhem planned to occur in everyone's favorite floating city.

Blizzard has some exciting events in the works of public testing realm development this week. In yesterday's Battle.net forum post, community manager Lore said they will begin to focus on some of the new server technology testing. The initial plan was to allow the players to gather and fight with Azuna's Withered J'im, but the developers decided to use another more interesting route. On the contrary, as community manager Lore recently revealed, players will be able to participate in an all-out free-for-all brawl in Dalaran.

From Friday, March 10th, at 3:00pm PST until 5:00pm PST, Dalaran will be a total PVP area on patch 7.2 PTR. Players will be able to attack anyone and whatever they choose, which includes other players as well as NPC's (so if you want to finally retaliate the Nomi to burn all the food that may now be the time to do so). This event will include the same buff mechanism that was found in the Black Rook Rumble world quest, in which each time you kill another player, the stacking increase will add to your health and damage (but reduced healing taken).

3.9 wow.

“We’re expecting this to be absolute mayhem… which is great, because we need to put our servers through the ringer! And since events like this are the sort of thing we can only do on the PTR, we’re really hoping to have as many players participating as possible.” CM Lore said.

If you would like to participate in this event as well as other PTR's, please check your Battle.net account and make sure that you have enabled PTR function and downloaded your character copy, as a feature that allows copying characters to be interrupted during stress testing. Just visit igxe.com to read more and buy cheap wow gold there online!


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