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How To Use WoW Gold To Get Battle.Net Balance With The WoW Token?

How To Use WoW Gold To Get Battle.Net Balance With The WoW Token?

Posted time: Feb 24,2017

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As we know, the game developer Blizzard Announced That The World of Warcraft Tokens Can Be Used For Other Games a few days ago. And the World of Warcraft players are so happy for that exciting announcement.

But now, there is another question for them, how to use WoW Gold to get Battle.Net balance with the WoW Token? 

In the conversation with Glixel, Ion Hazzikostas, World of Warcraft game director pointed out that "Diablo 3" in the real money auction house overturned actually made it possible. Obviously, if it was there, they had never considered a token to balance the conversion, as this would allow the player to stand out from the game.

The strategy provide an option for players with lots of gold and players who do not have much gold to trade in games using things that are of great value to them as a medium instead of becoming a bank. That, is the key difference, according to Hazzikostas.

In addition, with the emergence of tokens, developers have been able to cover up the gold planting, which players in real money to sell the game gold. WoW token business model without a suspicion, a great money to turn Blizzard. The actual token has a $ 20 price tag; however, when the player enters it into the Battlenet account, the token's value drops to $ 15. In other words, each token will eventually become a game developer's net profit.

According to WoWToken, players can do the following three things with tokens:

  • Get one by shelling out money from the in-game Shop. Later, sell it in the Auction House for more gold.
  • Get one with gold from Auction House and then use it to add more 30 days of game 
  • time to in-game.
  • subscription. Finally, players can buy one with gold from the Auction House and then use it to add more money to their Battle.net Balance.


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