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How Blizzard Sell Gold in "World of Warcraft" Without Destroying The Game

How Blizzard Sell Gold in "World of Warcraft" Without Destroying The Game

Posted time: Feb 17,2017

World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas explains how the paid in-game currency enhances the game without generating a paid win problem. "We're just trying to provide a way for players who have plenty of gold and players who do not have much money to use something that is valuable to them as a medium."

In an interview with Glixel recently, the people behind the WoW Tokens explained how the company introduced cash money into World of Warcraft, rather than completely eliminating the game's economy.

Game developers for how to achieve a balance of Blizzard will be well heard of the World of Warcraft game director's father WoW token ion Hazzikostas had to say the creation and purpose of the system.

The WoW token has two main functions: they can buy $ 20 and resold gold on the game market in World of Warcraft, or the game's wealth player can use gold to pick up a token and redeem it $ 15 Battle.net cash.

Hazzikostas told Glixel that one of the great benefits of WoW Tokens is for those who want to spend money to provide World of Warcraft money, which is a safe alternative, can replace suspicious third-party gold sites, these sites will usually damage the account profits.

Anyone who is familiar with the real money auction house of Diablo 3 will know that it is not easy to introduce cash transactions into the game without the inclusion of paid winners in the portfolio. However, Hazzikostas said that the failure of the Diablo 3 system was one of the reasons Blizzard could do with the WoW Tokens.

"The removal of the real currency auction house in [Diablo 3] actually makes this possible, and we never consider the conversion of the token to the balance if it exists because it allows you to cash out of the game," Hazzikostas said. "We do not want to create real wealth here.We do not want to create real dollars, we do not want to be a bank.

Go back to Glixel to read the full interview, which included Hazzikostas on the recent changes in the idea that the World of Warcraft players indirectly spend gold on other Blizzard champions.

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