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Top 5 Most Helpful World of Warcraft Fansites

Top 5 Most Helpful World of Warcraft Fansites

Posted time: Feb 16,2017

2.16 wow top-5-

The players had been enthralled in the popular Blizzard Entertainment and the ever-growing MMORPG World of Warcraft since it released in 2004. Fast forward to 2017, the game is still a virtual haven for both veteran and new players alike, the last known user number of 12 million territory in the era of cataclysm expansion (unfortunately Blizzard no longer release the number of users for the public record).

More than 13 years Blizzard has accumulated a considerable amount of content, more than any one person may be able to fully grasp, so no surprise, from time to time, we need help in our game. Where can i find the item and how can we best attack this What is the best class configuration? Fortunately, the players have joined together to help each other, from where we get the site and the community that has our solution to the problem. There are five sites to create a database worthy of World of Warcraft.

2.16 wow top 5


A huge database of all the things World of Warcraft. WoWHead offers guides from the course, item information, task overview, patch notes, model viewer, slide guide and more. As an extra bonus, you can also use WOWHEAD15 from Blizzard Gearlin to receive everything 15% of Warcraft.


Icy-Veins is the center of all Blizzard games we know and like. Watch the vanguard, slag, Diablo, the storm hero and World of Warcraft! For WoW specifically, it has guided tours, attack guides, event guides, mission guides, course halls overview, a metamorphic center and a community forum.


Not only is Curse the largest database of World of Warcraft plugins (except for other games), it also offers its own game voice chat communication client, complete game overlay, integrates your favorite game, gives you unparalleled control, Not to the alt + tab. The Curse client allows you to accept calls in the game and see who is using their unique voice indicators to speak and can be used for PC, MAC, iPhone and  Android OS.


MMO Champion is a WoW news site, debuted in 2007. It was cursed in 2010. It's all the average World of Warcraft players may need to be convenient at your fingertips! From blue posts, patch notes, talent and artifact calculators, their own databases and wikis, forums, guides and more!


SimulationCraft is a tool for exploring the combat mechanics in World of Warcraft. This is a multi-player event-driven simulator built with C ++ model damage damage that lets you see your class and specifications fall on raid meters.

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