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What Effect Will 7.2 Patch Bring To World Of Warcraft?

What Effect Will 7.2 Patch Bring To World Of Warcraft?

Posted time: Feb 15,2017

2.15 world-of-warcraft-legion-mythic-raid

With the upcoming implementation of 7.2 Patch in World of Warcraft, as part of the PTR,  the fans have been questioning the impact it will have.It seems that the most disturbing is the potential cause of the monster AP wear, as well as other problems from the update.

User Ruien outline what issues could accompany the patch in the official forum, through the following post:

The 7.2 patch will do an artifact “reset”, giving everyone at 35 the power a 54 guy has (slow clap… well done Blizz), and more importantly unlock the new traits. if you have 54, AP will get refunded – but wait. All that 35–>54 AP from spamming MoS daily? Will barely last you for 3 traits or so, as Blizz made sure that you cannot complete the new artifact fast enough to go with their AK to 40 increase. This will result into yet another monster AP grind, to get to whatever point ToS Mythic will be balanced for in the probably short time from 7.2 release to ToS opening.

/2.15 wow2

This post continues to emphasize the player's contempt for "stupid" grinding and takes a series of mixed responses. While some people agree that others do not think there is a real problem for the reason, the user Froody has some sensible responses:

If you do not like it, stop doing it because it's just a game, not a job.

Of course there will be players who will enjoy the grinding and the characters that 7.2 patch will bring the functionality. Grinding in any game can be seen as a chores, but as stated, it's a game at the end of the day. Sometimes you need to work hard and you will have better experience.

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