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"World of Warcraft" Gold Price Doubled in West Server, And More Higher In Asia Server

"World of Warcraft" Gold Price Doubled in West Server, And More Higher In Asia Server

Posted time: Feb 14,2017

2.14 world-of-warcraft

Blizzard has let the "World of Warcraft" players happy when they allow the gold in the game to be used to pay for their monthly subscription. Now the studios are exerting more generosity when they announce wow gold can be traded to buy items in other Blizzard titles such as  "Overwatch" and "Heartstone."

The proposal is a small change to the Wow Token that can be purchased at the auction house of World of Warcraft by using the real currency of $ 20 or gold in the game. Players can still exchange tokens for 30 days of subscription time. They can also add $ 15 to their Battle.net balance and get the package from the "Overwatch" Loot Boxes, "Heroes of the Storm" skins or "Hearthstone" cards.

However, it is worth noting that the "Wow" token in the auction house purchase price has become more volatile than before. So far, Token's purchase price in North America is 87,437 gold.

The new payment method has been such a blow, the game market price fluctuations faster than before. Mashable writes that the value of tokens has almost doubled since the trading system was announced.

The same thing happened to the server in Europe, where the report writing the purchase price was set to 171,468 gold. In China, the bid price is 250,593 gold.

Game analysts expect the price of the token will eventually fall to their usual level, as shown in the Asian server. Speculation in Western countries led to sudden price hikes, so it is recommended to buy at the time of the hysterical death, the token price cheaper than this time.

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