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Blizzard Promises Contant, Worthwhile Content To World Of Warcraft Players

Blizzard Promises Contant, Worthwhile Content To World Of Warcraft Players

Posted time: Feb 08,2017


World of Warcraft is one of the longest running MMOs of all time, and Blizzard Entertainment keeps the game up to date with new content to keep it fun. Blizzard's developers are constantly changing the update plan to best please the playerbase. Blizzard recently began to expand the game for the current expansion, Legion, more frequent patches, and has doubled the commitment to continue to provide valuable content to the players.

Speaking of Gamespot, a Blizzard developer team made it clear that the company did not intend to repeat past mistakes. "When we were at WoW, we learned from past expansion - things we learned from Cataclysm, into Pandaria, Pandaria into the Warlords, and so on," says Paul Kubit, a senior designer, "We just need to do more patches.We need to keep the game content vibrant, the way we do it is to ensure that every few months or so we have something new to do."

Despite more frequent updates, Kubit, Lead Class Designer Adam Kugler, and Class Designer Jay Gill agree that they could keep working at their current pace. Kugler explains that the latest patch (patch 7.1.5) demonstrates the development team's capabilities and is an example of what the player should expect in the future.

"With micro-holidays, it shows the stupid things we can do, or the time to walk," Kugler says, "These things are a tribute to players' memories of what they love." Even small festivals, pay attention to AQ; I like WoW Over the years there has been so much content that we continue this tradition of offering something for the players, which is something new we are excited about."

The most important aspect of regularly updating the game, Kugler continued, is that each new patch allows the player to experience the game in ways that they could not before, giving the player more flexibility and gameplay options.

"In general, not only allowing our players to play with all the new content, but also allowing players to play through a new lens, maybe play an alt or play with different specs or things to see the game.We are breaking the barrier to allow Players experience the game in new ways and stay fresh and consistent."

Kugler believes that the key to keeping players engaged is constantly updated World of Warcraft, players can explore from multiple angles of valuable content. He, Gill, and Kubit promised to release patches beyond the basics to give the player the best experience available in any MMO.

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