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The Top World of Warcraft Guild Boots Raider Over Sabotage Scandal

The Top World of Warcraft Guild Boots Raider Over Sabotage Scandal

Posted time: Feb 03,2017


In the World of Warcraft, the major guilds compete to win the world No.1 in the new raids. This is a serious business. However, there are limitations. One member of a guild called Method thought it would be cool to undermine the efforts of another high-level guild. But it was not.

The members of the Method,  Jadelolz, has hatched a plan to prevent opponents from top-level guilds, serenity, from running WoW's latest and greatest challenges: Nightmare attacks the mythical difficulties. According to PCGamesN, Jadelolz and a friend called Isabellab invited a major intruder from Serenity into a group. Then they enter raid fucking Serenity's attack ID, which is tracking your progress across multiple attempts. When Serenity was commanded, the sword and stick were pursuing the Holy Grail in height, causing the boss to fall before the others when they were kicked because their ID had been Jadelolz and co. They can not make any progress.

At first, the members of Serenity were confused, and then they get very angry.

Eventually, Blizzard administrators enter and send Isabellab, they remain logged in, continue to hijack ID, exit the instance. Isabellab continues to claim that he is seeking revenge against "Serenity's fan base," attacking Method's server Tarren Mill. "Downtime is equal to the time loss of Method," he said. He believes in him "even in the game.

The Method states that they did not condone Jadelolz and Co's actions. He's out of the guild now. "If this is Jadelolz sad another guild, then he did not have our blessing to do so," said Method Scientist founder and co-owner Scott Sco Macmillan. "Remove from the guild, until we know more after progress.

"Nobody will cover anything up," Darrie, the Method Community Manager adds. "What happened, happened. Jade did not act as Method. He has his own agenda."

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