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World of Warcraft Cooking Show Premieres In South Korea

World of Warcraft Cooking Show Premieres In South Korea

Posted time: Jan 21,2017


South Korea debut a cooking show themed with World of Warcraft, a chef and his guests will try to recreate meals from the popular MMO.

World of Warcraft fans now have another way to express their appreciation of their favorite games: a South Korean TV network today began to play a cooking show based on popular MMO. The title will be Wow! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready, which will be presented by renowned South Korean TV chef Choi Hyun-seok, a well-known name in the Far East, it is also a fanatical World of Warcraft fans.

According to Kotaku, the show will be about cooking recipes related to World of Warcraft, and a quick look at the trailer reveals that many of the dishes Choi and his guests are working on have a distinctly fantastic look to them. Some of the food look like things that fit orcs, have strange textures and strange colors. At some point, we can see a bunch of bananas being treated by a torch, so even chefs who do not like the adventures of World of Warcraft should be able to enjoy the show and even get some new ideas for their next dinner party.

Apart from cooking, it is clear that some of the show will be around Choi and his guests talking about their experience of World of Warcraft, which is a strange combination until South Korea's obsessive game is taken into account. Although this country is usually associated with Star Trek, the professional gamer of the game is a millionaire, WoW is close to the second, with thousands of active players and Premier League tournaments.

This popularity means that South Korea has many TV shows and merchandise that may seem odd to most Westerners, even those who want to find World of Warcraft gifts in their socks. Although the fans may be satisfied to accept the game of Corgi, but Asian players prefer to see such as Wow! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready and may even try to recreate some dishes at home to eat fresh sake.

The new cooking show was interesting because "World of Warcraft" has returned to the eye-catching section in recent weeks , partly because of the Legion update, and the WoW movie, both of which are very good fans, but a lot less so with everyone else. Although if a cooking show is trying to attract new players to the MMO's way is still suspicious, the existing World of Warcraft fans may like it.

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