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What Can We Expect For World Of Warcraft After Patch 7.2?

What Can We Expect For World Of Warcraft After Patch 7.2?

Posted time: Jan 20,2017


Players recently talked much about World of Warcraft: Legion. Some want to know if Sargeras will be the ultimate boss of the game expansion, or whether someone should be the last boss. Some people want to know whether Blizzard should solve some of the larger problems that communities have outlined. And some, some just want to know the next step.

World of Warcraft's upcoming patch / content update, called 7.2, is called Tomb Sargeras, and many believe in Battle.net will be the place for us to fight Titan Sargeras and then defeat the Legion. However, not everyone is so sure. One person notes that there will be a 7.3, which will feature Argus, but no other information. In addition, the user also stated that the grave may not contain Sargeras, but his avatar, leaving the Titans will then fight and kill another day.

Some people are still arguing that Sargeras should be a boss. For as many states as possible, he should be impossible, although the players of World of Warcraft defeated the "irrevocable" enemies like Deathwing and Ragnaros, Sargeras in a higher presence and strength of the plane , So in theory, he should not be able to die by the players hand. So, widely believed in the idea that it would be a picture of his boss, not himself.

Some people have even noticed that if Sargeras is dead, World of Warcraft is complete and may be complete because he is the "big bad" behind many events in the game. So if he goes, who can take his place?

Some fans think this may be true, so hope the next expansion is more like "peace", such as the panda fog. As one user put it, "This is not the end of the world every day.

What do you think should happen after Legion wraps up? Let us know in the comments below and welcome to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Buy cheap wow gold on IGXE.Com!

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