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A Bizzare Dispute Erupts Beteen the Nostalrius team and Elysium WoW legacy servers

A Bizzare Dispute Erupts Beteen the Nostalrius team and Elysium WoW legacy servers

Posted time: Jan 17,2017

/1.17 wow

Nostalrius, as you may remember, ran the largest private World of Warcraft Legacy Server - keeping the original version of the game from 2005, patching it as they went. Blizzard shut them down, causing controversy over the official legacy server issues, discussions and actual campaign storms. A few months later, without seeing the progress they wanted, Nostalrius provided its source code and character data to another private server organizer, Elysium. Now, after those servers have seen a lot of success and influx of users, Nostalrius asked Elysium to delete the data they provided to them and asked the community to unite their desire for traditional servers.

As a result, a bizzare dispute erupts among The Underground Vanilla World Of Warcraft Scene.

All of the sudden Nostalrius believes that Elysium is making it difficult to accomplish the the goal of official legacy World of Warcraft servers. Nostalrius posted the news on their forums at the weekend, saying "Only 10% of the former Nostalrius players have made a notable addition to Elysium, and we believe we are not fully satisfied with this community." They also mentioned that they felt that Elysium's move had a detrimental effect on the status of legacy servers and people who used them, making them look like "pirates."

Therefore, the Nostalrius team asked Elysium to stop using the data they provided. and the tem has stopped the account transfer process. "The Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers, it's about the official heritage field."

But Elysium’s response contradicts Nostalrius' figures, saying more than 50% of accounts were transferred. Elysium also said that they have developed their own "core" - the basis of the game, and will replace Nostalrius in a few weeks. They also remove all data that has not been claimed. In other words: characters that do not jump will be deleted, but any characters that have been transferred and played back will be retained. The rest of their focus is focused on trying to get the traditional server community to stop Blizzard and others from attacking.

The dispute seems quite odd, since both teams are with the same goal, but have different approaches. In addition, Elysium runs a service very similar to Nostalrius.

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