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Nostalrius backpedal and sever cut off the relationship with the Elysium World of Warcraft legacy team

Nostalrius backpedal and sever cut off the relationship with the Elysium World of Warcraft legacy team

Posted time: Jan 16,2017

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Last year, the team behind the unofficial World of Warcraft legacy server Nostalrius was frustrated by Blizzard's lack of response to BlizzCon's legacy server announcement. It was enough. They publish their source code to the Elysium project (another unofficial server team) and provide character transmission from the Nostalrius to the new Elysium legacy server that was introduced in December.

This move is weird, as Nostalrius has made it its primary target on board with Blizzard, to work with them to help Blizzard create an official WoW heritage service. When deciding to pass the source code to Elysium and eventually make it public, it can be seen as more of a tantrum in response to Blizzard's lack of interest in this event.

It is also very strange that surely they did realize that allowing Elysium to continue running unofficial World of Warcraft servers will not help with their career? The horse has now bolted, character transfers were made, and the item was effectively handed over to Elysium. Nostalrius continues to explain why they consider the transfer to be a bad move. As they said that now we need to continue to convince the "World of Warcraft" community, it will "World of Warcraft" to bring sustained value, this is our latest announcement we missed the goal. We know Nostalrius has a traditional community of hope, but from the "fan server" to "pirated server" reputation, making it difficult to convince the traditional fans in the WoW community has a place. Until this shame is removed, it is impossible to achieve any real progress in the official heritage.

Nostalrius now makes a strange request to Elysium and the player who transferred the account. They asked Elysium to join efforts in this legacy area by stopping using the data they provided. And as a first step, they have stopped their account transfer process. They know their request to asking the Elysium to stop use their data may bring huge pains to those former Nostalrius players who transferred their account. They feel very sorry for that!

After meeting Blizzard last year, It has hope that Blizzard will eventually be able to work with Nostalrius and launch an official World of Warcraft legacy service for fans. This is their goal. Now they realize that their actions have not helped their cause.

In response, Elysium is complying with their request and will delete all Elysium codes within the next two weeks, "All Nostalrius specific data will be purged" and "All future Nostalrius related data will be rejected". Elysium has been working on their Anathema code, which they say will "equal or better than the Nostalrius core".

Nostalrius' impatience and dire decision-making may weaken any plans to work with Blizzard. Blizzard will have viewed the transfer of code and accounts to a new non-official service as unprofessional. After all, last May, Nostalrius announced that they would not release the source code only if it looked like a deadlock in Blizzard.

It would not be surprising if Blizzard ignored Nostalrius' future requests to help make legacy servers a reality, at least when it comes to working with them. All good work done before and after Blizzard is likely to be undone.

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