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World of Warcraft Launched An Overwatch-Themed Activity

World of Warcraft Launched An Overwatch-Themed Activity

Posted time: Jan 04,2017

world of warcraft overwatch ogrewatch

World of Warcraft gives MMO players a chance to abandon some "Ogrewatch" bosses with very similar names, abilities and looks as Overwatch characters.

World of Warcraft's latest expansion continues to grow with every new patch and fans of the MMO are certainly not complaining. Blizzard has big plans, Azeroth heroes through The Broken Isles and patch 7.1.5 latest details revealed some new Brawler Guild boss some interesting details. Game mode provides a chance for World of Warcraft players to counteract some of the Overwatch-inspired characters, which may be viewed as infringing if only Blizzard creates them.

The combination of information from the public testing area and patch data mining reveals that Brawler's Guild features bring back a series of bosses, all of which are references to Blizzard's FPS Overwatch. While the role of WoW and Overwatch is only true in the Heroes of the Storm Nexus, this WoW game mode will give players the chance to face very similar characters if they can reach a high enough rank.

When Brawler's Guild participant reaches Rank 6, three bosses and their abilities should begin ringing. Here is a detailed description by wowhead:

“Hudson, Dupree, Stuffshrew. This trio is a reference to Blizzard’s popular game Overwatch. Hudson, a tribute to the gorilla Winston, puts up Barrier Projector and fires Tesla Cannon and Jump Pack. Dupree, a tribute to the cowboy McCree, casts High Noon. Stuffshrew, a tribute to Junkrat, casts Maniacal Laugh. Kill Dupree before High Noon goes off, disrupt Hudson’s barrier, and avoid Stuffshrew’s bombs.”

The tested information indicates that the WoW versions of Tracer (Blinker), Roadhog (Boargut), Reaper (Render), and Rhinehardt (Steingardt) all line up for future bosses. The "Ogrewatch" character is an interesting addition to Brawler's Guild and follows the long tradition of WoW, quoting other games, movies and pop culture icons. Blizzard usually refers to properties such as "Star Wars," "Back to the Future," or other features that are not relevant to their game, but it is very fun to see the developer joking over their IP for a while.

Although some players are looking to go back to the legacy server with the Vanilla WoW, the Legion gets a good review and seems to revive the Blizzard MMO community. The incoming patch will add new quests and fly to The Broken Isles, except for Brawler's Guild updates, so it sounds like WoW may be in another powerful year.

World of Warcraft: Legion is now available. Brawler's Guild feature will be returned in patch 7.1.5. What do you think about the Overwatch in WoW?  Welcome to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to talk about your ideas and buy cheap wow gold on IGXE.Com, where you will enjoy a happy shopping time!


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