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Why Are World of Warcraft Players Avoiding Nightbane PUGs Now

Why Are World of Warcraft Players Avoiding Nightbane PUGs Now

Posted time: Dec 15,2016


Now the World of Warcraft players are avoiding running Nightbane by using PUGs and the reason why will annoy you. 

Patch 7.1 has opened an exciting new adventure for the World of Warcraft community, as it brings back Karazhan to focus. With the recent patch update, players can now effectively run Karazhan and kill Nightingale (after finishing the quest line) through just getting to PUGs. But a player recently uncovered a clear misuse of PUG when capturing Nightbane. This is why many players are now prevented from using PUG to beat Nightbane.

Nightbane PUGs Issues

A player recently shared his Nightbane running on Reddit, which revealed an alarming event. According to Octonir, when he leaves, he is using his Fire Mage (iLevel 890) and Pickup Group to clear Nghtbane, who suddenly kicked him out of the party. Be astonished, all into the light after the group leader suddenly entered the trade chat and said:"WTS Nightbane boss/mount - at the boss! PST."

It was clear that the group did not intend to share the booty with him, but to use his support to enter the Nightbane. The incident is clearly a loophole,which is bannable once proven guilty. According to the player, he has reported the case, only to wait for confirmation now.

PUGs are well known for its notorious clandestine actions, especially in this case, where the group will trade random square troughs for people with gold. For this reason, many players are now reluctant to run Nightbane, because of its value decline, the use of PUG, although illegal, but not serious punishment of these acts, so many people will still use this time to give the opportunity to do so.

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