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Lack of Communication Between Players Forums And the World of Warcraft Development Team

Lack of Communication Between Players Forums And the World of Warcraft Development Team

Posted time: Dec 14,2016


One of the biggest problems between many players and World of Warcraft development team in the past few months is the lack of communication about the patch notes, class changes, system alterations and more. Last week, the new WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas said that things will be under changes, more communication between developers and the community will be a priority.

Later yesterday, Josh "Lore" Allen participated in the World of Warcraft forum to show developers the various means of communication and the effectiveness of their access to information, both informative and relevant. Allen talked about twitter, tweets on living Q & A, website interviews, and team forums activitis:

At the forum: I fully agree with you here. Our forums exist issues. This is a big problem that we are trying to solve. This is why I am here to release this and will continue to be part of as many of these forums as possible. Solving this problem will take some time - if it can be completely solved - but we are working hard on it.

It is worth mentioning that part of the problem - the general lack of development positions - has been because they have been working as much time as possible in the game. Part of trying to keep the patch at a good rhythm means that we need all the hands on the deck to finish the work, which means less time for the development team to spend on the forum. This in turn means that when developers do get the forum time, they spend most of their time just reading, so they can absorb as much feedback as possible. So, the community team (including myself, but many others) needs to take steps to fill the gap and not let you go. "Oh, a blue post! Uh, it's just a CM. We did not, but we're going .

Later, in the "World of Warcraft" on the clues of communication, Allen further explained why the team will not make multiple Twitter account for specific themes (ie, PvP, dungeons, etc.), because it seems like to provides "too many channels" that People immediately followed.

Especially with regard to the lack of PTR patch notes, the community emphasizes, Allen said that the release of the PTR patch description is a "we solve the difficult situation", the Corps patch more "experimental and incomplete." The release of PTR patch notes, Allen writes, "feels more than the actual last."

Our 7.1.5 approach is "Let's focus on what we do" - this is obviously the wrong choice. The official PTR patch specification may not be the answer we need, but we definitely need a way for you to learn more about what is happening, especially the class changes. Even something as simple as "PTR Build ABCXYZ class annotations" may fill the gaps.

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