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Free to Play "WOW" With The Returning of The Nostalrius Server

Free to Play "WOW" With The Returning of The Nostalrius Server

Posted time: Dec 12,2016


As we know, The Nostalrius Private Server for Legacy World of Warcraft is returning with the help of the Elysium Private Server team.read World of Warcraft Nostalrius Returns Under A New Name Elysium On December 17

The legacy continues. World of Warcraft Legacy Private server now has a release date for returning. It will be restarted later this month. World of Warcraft Nostalrius private server will launch a new name, Elysium. Users can use these private servers for free registration, login and playback on the client software.

The "vanilla" server reopens next week. The relaunch is scheduled for Saturday, December 17, at 5pm UK time/12pm US Eastern Time. The private server will be resurrected with the help of The Elysium Project. Elysium is a project designed to regain the original experience of World of Warcraft.

The Nostalrius server allows players to experience World of Warcraft, because it first appeared in 2004 for the first time. The server was shut down by Blizzard, in violation of the terms of service. Blizzard sent a stop letter to the original Nostalrius project. After the server shut down, Blizzard met the Nostalrius team.

At the meeting, Blizzard seems to be open to legacy server ideas. The company seems willing to support the traditional World of Warcraft server. After waiting for Blizzard to further pursue this matter, Nostalrius team was tired. They then reexamine their intentions to continue their legacy WOW private server.

Specifically, the Rhe Elysium server is scheduled to be relaunched on December 17th. The Nostalrius team shares code with the Elysium team. According to the game site PC Gamer, Elysium server will also contain Nostalrius database. The game site IGN reports that players can continue their progress because all the data will be carried over.

Users with an account on the Nostalrius or Elysium server will be able to access their account and its characters when logging into the Elysium server. Players hoping to start from scratch can log into a brand new server based on the game site Eurogamer, which will be launched by the Elysium team. The new boot server will take effect immediately after the PvP and PvE servers are brought online.

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