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What We Expect From the World of Warcraft in 2017

What We Expect From the World of Warcraft in 2017

Posted time: Dec 12,2016


Do you remember how fond the players are several days ago, with the Legion, World of Warcraft's latest expansion? The new feelings of class fantasy and rather clever "myth +" dungeon rekindle the love of Blizzard's MMO, which players have not felt for years. A few months later, they are still happy to sacrifice their World of Warcraft night in exchange for new equipment and sexy mounts. But this does not mean that World of Warcraft: Corps is perfect.

2017 is coming, what changes players expect from the World of Warcraft next year? It has announced at Blizzcon for the details of the first half of 2017 road map, which including the new underground city and raid, a furnace stone-style battle mode, and first-class rebalance.Players are eagerly looking forward to all these updates, but that does not mean they do not have their own wishes. Here is a list of wishes from a lot of players, for the changes of World of Warcraft in 2017.

Official vanilla servers


With Nostalrius returning on December 17, there will be another great wave of players to choose to review the glory days of World of Warcraft, rather than playing Legion. Video games are generally horrible to save their own history, but Blizzard has an important opportunity to do that. Using the official vanilla servers, we not only have the opportunity to remember where World of Warcraft comes from, but also to see how far it comes.

Expand various Mythic+ to all dungeons

Players are very tired about the traditional MMO dungeons because it may be very exceting at first, but it quickly fall into tired then. Warcraft's Mythic+ dungeons may has the potential to set a new gold standard for this type.Now, Mythic+ dungeons are used as a long-term challenge by mixing several ideas from Diablo 3, like the enemy's random extra abilities, called affixes, that require tactical survival to switch. But what Mythic + really does is keep the dungeons fresh and challenging, and Blizzard should take this potential to make it the core of every dungeon that's on every difficulty level.Blizzard should expand various Mythic+ to all dungeons make it versatile.

Update that old-as-hell user interface


Players are very ambivalent about World of Warcraft's user interface because it is the most moddable interface in the genre, allowing rich add-ons to customize experience on one hand, but it lack of basic functions on other hand, which is too awful and desperate. So a lot of players expect to see an update on the user interface next year!

Legion-ize the entirety of Azeroth

With Legion, Blizzard has introduced a new leveling system that adapts to each monster and rewards to match your level. This is a brilliant idea because it gives players anywhere they want the task, and not the constituency behind any level cap. The same system should be applied to all Azeroth, so no matter where you are, you are facing creatures and rewards you are always based on your level. For a new role, you will no longer be trapped along the same path again and again.

Adopting this system and knitting it with the task of generating the whole world, not just in the shattered island, will make Azeroth feel alive in a way as it does from the cataclysm. The Legion pre-launch event proves the basis for where Blizzard only needs to exploit the potential to enable WoW to excite players at all levels.


Make a Journey to Argus rather than raid

One of the most exciting reveals from Blizzcon is the patch 7.3 where the player will head to a brand new Battle Combat Burning Legion. But some players hope this journey is more like an extended stopover than a quick stopover.

Whatever Blizzard plans in the second half of 2017, I'm happy to find out. Legion continues to be one of the best expansion of World of Warcraft history. According to Blizzcon's road map, this opinion is expected to come next year. If you have your own wish list, you want to see World of Warcraft next year next year, let us know in the comments or come to visit IGXE.Com to read more Wow News everyday and buy wow gold with the cheapest price and fast delivery!

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