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World of Warcraft News: Mixed Reactions From Ban Wave of Blizzard

World of Warcraft News: Mixed Reactions From Ban Wave of Blizzard

Posted time: Dec 08,2016


This morning's last World Boss event was criticized for having some glitches that allowed the room to be exploited. With Blizzard's huge ban, the fans have mix reactions for the punishment, some people think that it is the result of potential problems caused by Blizzard itself.

World of Warcraft: Huge Ban Wave

The huge ban wave comes from many players using the world bosses, in which system failures allow the boss to encounter repetitions. Some players said they received a week-long ban on Blizzard while the rest of the offenders had varying lengths from 3-5 days. According to one theory, the length of the injunction is the same as the number of times they encounter and take down the boss - at the time of writing this article, no one has verified it.

Now, though most communities agree that perpetrators must be punished for secret acts, some people still believe that exploitation is due to the fact that Blizzard has a glitch system. If you read through the entire Reddit thread, some players think that Blizzard is also the wrong bug due to the presence of glitches. One player even links another comment from a different subreddit which said: "It's the developers fault for not creating an environment that can't be abused like this. People are always going to find exploits."

Who is to Blame?

Keep in mind that no game is free of glitches or bugs, so it can safely to say that any system can be exploited or hacked. An instance like this should not blame the developers, but rather blame the criminals because they are fully aware of the glitch before committing their behavior. While this does not change the fact that it is a supervision from Blizzard, the exploiter is undeniable responsibility for all the blunders.

What do you think about the punishment imposed by Blizzard? Do you feel bad about the guilty? Or do you think they deserve more pain? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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