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Deep Connection Between Norse Mythology And World Of Warcraft

Deep Connection Between Norse Mythology And World Of Warcraft

Posted time: Dec 02,2016


Recently, there appears a research paper which reveals the  the deep connection between Norse Mythology and the World of Warcraft Unvierse. Let's check out the full research below.

The World of Warcraft, with the support of rich content, has no doubt to attract the majority of the community. Today, a research paper emphasizes the deep connect and influence of Norse Mythology in the universe of the World of Warcraft, and how the two fantasies are "parallel" to some degree.


Let's start by defining Norse. Norsemen is considered a full-time seafarer and trader in the Vikings era, and is the same relative as the Vikings. The only major difference is the occupation of two people. Although Norsemen was a seafarer and a full-time trader, the Vikings were peasants and soldiers of the "aristocratic birth." (They are also known as good at sailing).

Norsemen is famous for their Nordic mythology, including tribal culture, and how they view the world as it used to be. Just as how rich their culture, "World of Warcraft" has developed a deep hobby for the world we love today. A student is now having a deep study on the  the parallel nature between the "Norwegian mythology" and "World of Warcraft".

Norse Mythology and World of Warcraft

The connect between Norse Mythology and World of Warcraft may be very deep, but just like any other context that uses reference, Blizzard distorted and/or incorporated twists for some characters to create an entirely new figure in the WoW universe. Here is a list of some:listings:

Yggdrasil is also known as the World Tree in Norse Mythology.
Magni Bronzebeard is the mix between three Norse characters namely: Magni, Modi and Brokkr
Thorim is related to Thor in Norse Mythology
Thrall has a lot of resemblance to the character Njal in the Njal Saga

Aside from characters, there are also connections between Norse Weaponry and WoW Artifacts in the game. According to the researcher, here's some of the artifacts in the game that has some implications from Norse:

Tirion with the Ashbringer
Varian with the Shalamayne
Arthas with the Frostmourne
Morgrainne with the Corrupted Ashbringer

If you want to learn more about the entire story behind the characters and weapons, you can simply check out the unfinished research here on IGXE.Com. What do you think of the connections between Norse Mythology and World of Warcraft? Welcome to share with us on IGXE.Com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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