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Interesting Night/Day Features That Blizzard Could Achieve In World Of Warcraft

Interesting Night/Day Features That Blizzard Could Achieve In World Of Warcraft

Posted time: Dec 01,2016


Legion has brought about new features in the World Of Warcraft game but for some, it still lacks some characters that could further improve the immersive experience of the game. Have a look at some of the night and day features which may potentially attract more fans into the community. 

Blizzard has introduced new features in the Legion, but for some, extensions still have some lack of functionality that can lure society to go further. Today, we'll show you how a simple night / day function can improve your experience in World of Warcraft .

World of Warcraft Night/Day Features

Night and day characteristics, with simple and gentle, but never be insignificant from a player's point of view. Every bit of in-game features adds to the immersive experience of the game - to which World of Warcraft is known for.  Recently, a Reddit user has shared some interesting new ideas about Night and Day Features, which can often improve the game's "feeling" and potentially attract more subscribers.

The following are some of the interesting features which he had mentioned:

Turn cities into living places

Unique Night And Day Events

Critters and Monsters being sensitive to either night or day setting

Although these ideas are not new to the "World of Warcraft" community, but Blizzard has not yet further increase these features in the game. However, it can be noted that Blizzard has incorporated some minor night / day features, such as the Night Elf racial and some areas sensitive to the night (Duskwood, etc.), but there is not much contrast to the day - game time settings aside from that .

If you really want to go into the field of MMO, these small adjustments may improve the overall quality of the gaming experience. One can argue that these small changes may in some way create a lively environment for the community, especially for those who love to explore and quest.

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