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What's New For ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’? Is It Worth to Play?

What's New For ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’? Is It Worth to Play?

Posted time: Nov 30,2016


World of Warcraft” has gained the position of a household name. For twelve years, this game has been entertaining and sometimes disappointing its fans, but it has been existed for over a decade. The new expansion "Legion" hit stores in August last year, and enough time has passed to give a ruling on the experience.

Extreme Tech shares a thorough review of the game and its new features. The old timer will be amazed at the large number of changes introduced in the last few expansions, mostly in the "Legion". The first is the land of the Broken Isles, where the story of the "Legion" took place and where the Burning Legion began its invasion.

On the Broken Isles, a player does not follow the difficult road of choice, but chooses his own way to explore the land where the difficulty will automatically adjust to his level. This gives the opportunity to explore beyond anything in the game since the introduction of the Burning Crusade. Artifact weapons are another great addition to the game, which allows the player to progress and develop beyond the level cap. Weapons have their own statistics and modifications that can be improved in many different ways.

The official "World of Warcraft" website has been shared in patch 7.1 notes "Back to Karazhan".

As the title suggests, the player will be able to enter the guardian's tower and again in this reworked dungeon, fully developing the myth with the difficulty and all the latest goodies to hit him.

“The Trial of Valor” raid also added the patch. It will fight Azeroth's hero against Helya,who will help Odyn in his attempt to stop the mad giant.

In the end, what is "World of Warcraft", without its blink and pop culture references? Kotaku solved this topic by sharing an NPC named Mad Henryk, who will appear after a player was caught in one of his traps. This is homage to Henryk the hunter from “Bloodbourne”. The first version of the conference included a mission to find Eileen the Raven ( "Eileen the Crow" of Bloodbourne) of Mad Henryk. Now the task line has been removed, but the meeting with Mad Henryk is still available to any brave person to test the efficiency of his trap.

Will you continue to play the World of Warcraft: Legion after it brought you such a lot of entertainments and disappointments? Surely i will, at least it has accompanied us for over 10 years and i grew up with its accompaniment. I have regarded it as one of my good partners! 

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