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World of Warcraft Players Complain About The Factions

World of Warcraft Players Complain About The Factions

Posted time: Nov 29,2016

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Players of World of Warcraft, one of the most relevant MMORPGs, always complain about factions since its rerlease in 2004.

As a huge part of World of Warcraft since its release, factions not only provide the basis for the game, but also directly affect the mechanism.In the creation of the role, the player can choose a race to determine which faction they belong to, except for the Pandarens. This mechanism divides the community in many ways, as players can only come together if they are in the same faction, which also affects the formation of the guild. PvP also has its difficulties due to how factions are implemented. These problems cause the user Pamelarre to start discussing why the system should be redone, saying Faction no longer makes sense, from the game or lore's point of view.

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Many "World of Warcraft" players agree with this position, while others are in the opposite direction. For example, user Hantojarn points out that federated factions are not suitable for this hobby, although it can solve some PvE and PvP problems, but it is still not the ultimate solution. It is important to remember that it is possible to run World of Warcraft dungeons and attack players with players from other servers, due to the group lookup system that arranges the role-based party. In addition, you can form parties with players from other servers as long as they are in your friends list.

World of Warcraft is one of the most important MMORPGs since its release in 2004 and be available for Windows PC. Based on the popular franchise of real-time strategy video games, it has changed the MMO industry and has maintained relevance for many years. With multiple expansions, most recently the Legion, the title developed and publushed by Blizzard that saw criticism from fans and critics alike due to implementation changes, but 2016 was selected to meet positive reviews.

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