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World of Warcraft: Legion: New "Myth +" Dungeon

World of Warcraft: Legion: New "Myth +" Dungeon

Posted time: Nov 29,2016


Despite some shallow grinding, Corps is a diverse expansion full of great ideas.

There will be a big change of the World of Warcraft: Legion: the new "Myth +" dungeon, which provides an available way to tighten up without having to dedicate a few nights a week. The difficulty of these dungeons increases with each successive week in a row. Complete Myth Dilemma  Reward you with a "mythical Keystone," which task you with another mythological dungeon, but at higher difficulty levels, give the monster healthier and more damaging, and add a timer to keep your crazy speed moving.

To beat the dungeon before the timer runs out will upgrade your keystone and send you to a more challenging version of the different dungeons. At some level, the monsters also get random affixes, altering their ability to resemble the Diablo 3 elite. A week of monsters may produce harmful energy pools in your remote role, next week they may raise enemies or explode when they die. The more you climb up the Mythic + ladder, the more the affixes begin to stack.

Myth + Dungeons feel like MMO's new gold standard. Constantly sweating the timers while dealing with increasingly venomous monsters makes them a serious and interesting challenge. I had more than a few exciting moments when my party grabbed a victory, defeated the last boss and stayed in the timer seconds.

More importantly, the difficulty of the myth + makes the dungeon feel fresh and exciting after dozens of runs. I have always opposed MMO's way of forcing me to run the same dungeons again and again, but randomized affixes make them change, so I always expect to run one. The learning curve is also steep enough, I think it will be a few months ago I mastered any dungeon at the highest level of +15.

Another reason I thank myth + dungeon is that it eventually relieves the pressure in order to feel like I am progressing as a character. Over the years, raids have been the main focus of game content, but Myth + Dungeon offers the same challenge without all the tedium. While I was happy to put in time every night, when the Legion first launched, the real-life soon had other plans. I sometimes only play for an hour or two weeks. In the previous expansion, it would have me in the cold, but in the Legion, I could still jump in and run one or two dungeons in an hour. In order to feel competitive, the need for ten hours a week has passed.

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