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Secret Legendary "Softcap" Was Removed

Secret Legendary "Softcap" Was Removed

Posted time: Nov 28,2016

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World of Warcraft players have been in speculation for a long time that  there was an  invisible cap on the number of Legendaries each figure guaranteed to get the help of unlucky protection. They thought that cap as 4. By the end of last eek, the Game Director Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas admitted that there really was a legendary called "soft cap" and explained why it was in place, and why it was removed without patch notification.

As the name suggests, the "bad luck protection" system exists to protect the unfortunate player from the brutal fate of the dice. On the other hand the spectrum, those players who were in terms of good fortune, we think, do not need a system to help them farther away in the rest of the world. We drew this line in four legendaries, initially planned to improve it over time. Once you get 4, you can definitely get more, but the "bad luck protection" of the invisible hand will no longer help you.

It is interesting to find that before the Game Director's message comes out, there was already another post made by one of the top raiding guilds, named Exorsus, which pointed out that there was appeared a softcap in place which leads to cutting edge raiders leveling multiple characters of the same classes, hoping to just receiving the right set of legendaries. 

At present, such softcap led to some completely idiot thing, Raiders (including mine) was forced to do. Your class has four legends, they are terrible? There are 4 legendary  "Fire" specifications, and now it is useless, so you need Arcane? Missing a game that is important to your gameplay?

The answer to all of these questions is simple - continue to create new characters, this level will be 110 and good luck. This is the only option now for you, otherwise your useless luck.

What do you think about the Legendary softcap and its removal? Have you received your 4 Legendaries yet? As a reminder, no matter how many Legendaries a character has, only 2 can be equipped at any time. 

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