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Top Three Guilds of World of Warcraft Were Suspended

Top Three Guilds of World of Warcraft Were Suspended

Posted time: Nov 24,2016



Obvirously the three well-known guilds of MMORPG World of Warcraft has just been blocked for using a bug in the game. During a boss Valor Test in the landmark, the guilds used a bug in battle which has succeed led them to be Banned.

Blizzard said three of the top five guilds from World of Warcraft, Exorsus, From Scratch and Limit, are using BUG to kill Hella, decided to get back their kill achievements and  block them as the punishment. This is also the second time for Blizzard to black account after Seven yellow use BUG world after the first kill Leyden in 5.2 version.

The lock has been used to From Scratch (FR-Sargeras), Limit (US-Illidan) and Lock Ekzorsus (RU-Howling Fjord). It is said that the bug was used to realize a boss killing and secure a place in the league table. Creatively made use of certain game mechanics on Helya Mythic which were unlucky for them be picked up by Blizzard. It has been quite a long time since any number of top guilds in World of Warcraft have received a temporary injunction, which will hope Blizzard outlines their firm stance on this situation. All members of the Exrosus, From Scratch and Limit who had been involved in the killing received an eight-day ban, and all their achievements were denied.

A member of the banned guilds Limit commented on the situation: "Before the opening of the landmark mode, we found that it is possible to avoid a breath, allowing the tank to die during its application. We planned to use it as an To benefit in the third phase. To our surprise, when we got to the 3 phase epochal regime, because this boss generally stopped using breathing again, while the 1-phase everything worked as expected.


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Limit continued: "Seeing this, we wrote a Twitter-message Director World of Warcraft Jon Hazzikostasu and felt that we should not kill the boss this way. After 300+ assassination attempts without using the bug, we learned that the From Scratch and Ekzorsus boss Killed in this way without visible consequences. So we decided that if we won the guild using a bug, we give up and use it, too. It took us about 5 attempts to phase 3 to make it and kill the boss. We deserved the Ban because the bug used in breathing. "

The Trial of Valor is the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, named the second raid of Legion, which opened on November 8th and features three bosses: Odyn, Guarm and Helya.

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